Deal of the Week…

Hey beautiful people!

Its time for… (drumroll please)… DEAL OF THE WEEK!!!!!

This weeks deal comes to you from Old Navy. My son and I were recently shopping during one of the best sales that I believe Old Navy has had in a minute. So, while my 8-year-old son was trying to break into the oversized gumball machine that dispenses bouncy balls, I was digging through the many colorful piles of sweaters. The sale: 75% off all adult sweaters…I mean how much better can it get?

Of the 4 sweaters I purchased, the Shawl-Collar Sweater in burnt orange was my favorite and today’s deal of the week.

The original price for this sweater was $36.94, but after 75% off, and the 10 dollars in super cash I had to apply towards the grand total, this beauty came out to a whopping……… $6.61!! Man, do I love clearance events.

Although the weather has been crazy…cold one day, hot the next, clear skies Monday, tornado warnings Tuesday, I just could not wait to put on my new sweater.

So…What you think? I think it is PERFECT for fall, if the weather would just cooperate, lol.

Only 1 more day til Turkey Day… Have you done your food shopping yet?



11 thoughts on “Deal of the Week…

      • @Empress…thanks Sis. I actually came across this deal at the last minute, but make sure that you sign up to receive their emails because that is how I stay in touch with their sales.

  1. Old Navy never fails you girl !! ( are you getting paid to do this ?…lol ) I love sweaters but they stay more in my drawers than anywhere else, b/c Florida is so flippin hot right now !!
    The color combo looks great on you, even your boots !!
    I have a pumpkin pie to buy & that completes my grocery list.

    • Pumpkin pie? Mmmmm, wish I was home. Old Navy is my place!!!! You are right they never do fail me. I got 4 sweaters for $26 bucks! Who wouldn’t love that?

  2. I love the color, purse and boots on you. It’s always feels great when you get great deals like you did. Excited for the next wonderful find.

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