Love me…Love me not… 11/30/11

Hey Beauties!

This is my first “Love me…Love me not” posting, so let me make a proper introduction: Readers, this is Love me…Love me not, Love me…Love me not, these are my readers. Lol…sorry I just couldn’t resist.

Love me…Love me not will be Wednesdays’ discussion about love and relationships. Discussing relationship issues, tips of romance, and expressions of love.

Today I want to talk about the “love template”. We all have a template for the ideal or perfect soul mate buried somewhere in our minds, that which decides which person in that crowded room catches our eye, keeps our attention, and grasps our hearts. I believe that this template is formed from certain standards and hierarchies that we have set for not only ourselves but for those we choose to be with. I have told the story of how I first met my husband and now having found a better understanding of love and my love template, I know that he is the vision of perfection for me. So, what is your love template? Tell me what kind of person will make the ideal or perfect soul mate for you?

Much Love…XOXOXO


P.S. Found the one to fit that love template? Try your love luck with the Love Calculator and see if he/she is right for you…


8 thoughts on “Love me…Love me not… 11/30/11

  1. Wonderful question. My love template has changed through the years. When I was 18 I wanted someone who was popular, cute and had a car. I found out real quick that I had no clue what love was lol. At 25 I decided to give it another try. I married my then love template which was a hardworking, funny and trustworthy love. Well guess what that didn’t work. The one key that these two relationships did not have was COMMUNICATION. It has taken me years for my love template to be formed into a solid foundation from which any and all relationships grow and build on. Love, trust and respect can all flow with COMMUNICATION. My love template is COMMUNICATION.

  2. Do I have to ?…..When I was a teen, I certainly thought like one. He had to be tall, dark & handsome. ( I loved the Cary Grant, Clark Gable era !! ) I also was attracted to a suit . As I matured, it was all about the ” heart ” of a man b/c the suit hide a heck of a lot. Now that I’m really old…lol….destiny is my template. I’ve learned to let go & allow God to bring the man made for me into my life & HE has. I met Him long ago but never took Him serious until we met back up on facebook. ( ty facebook ) HE is tall, dark & handsome, successful, funny, loves me unconditionally, intelligent, adores me, we have a great deal in common & LOVES the Lord. I couldn’t have dreamed of anyone more perfect for me. I learn so much from Him that we are bestest friends… 😉 As they say…Let go & let God. ( didn’t mean to preach here ) xoxoxxo

    • You are not being preachy Ma, just speaking from the heart, and that is why I started this blog…to give us a chance to share with others. God always blesses us right at the RIGHT TIME. Hallelujah!

  3. My love template…. The perfect man for me is one who puts God first. One who isnt afraid to communicate, and tell me whats on his mind;whether it be the best news or news thats potentially bad. A man who can make me laugh at anything and nothing at all. One who stops me in the middle of the day @ thoughts of him that make my cheeks rise and a smile appear behind something he may have said. He’s nothing short of a lover, confidant, and bestfriend. His touch is euphoric. He is everything perfect to me, even when the tough gets going, hes my Mr. Pefection.

  4. Like OMG BECKY (in my best white girl voice)……a love template. uhm……I think that patience is key with me. Knowing we all have a past, when God sends MR RIGHT I believe that he will be able to pull out of me the very things I was keeping up with the “boundary walls” I have built. I of course need for him to know Christ and know who he is in Christ as a woman of FAITH, I wont compromise nor settle as I give the best and expect nothing but. Last but not least, I NEED for Mr. Right to compliment me-we all lack something and he would be the balance i need for LOVE to have its way. I know God is faithful and so I continue believing and praying that MR. RIGHT is already on his way. We often times as people, want what we want, packaged a certain way and when God has somehtign in store for us that may not be the way we planned, I say expect the best and learn along the way cause you just never know the treasure to be discovered in that person! MUAH

    • We all know, that things happen in time and right on time, but it came be hard sometimes to wait simply bc like you said, we want what we want. Keep the faith, and know that Mr. Right is out there for you now…God is just preparing him to be that perfect “love template” made just for you.

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