Latest creations…

It’s Christmas Eve…(smiling)!! I hope you all got your shopping done.

I just wanted to show you my lastest DIY projects. Tell me what you think because I want to start making these on the regular.


NiCole XOXOxoxo


Fashion Friday…A day of shopping.

Hey Beauties!!!! Haappppyyyy Friday! TGIF!!! Only one more day til Christmas!! WHOO HOO! Yeah, I know I am crazy…that is just me. So today, I did some last minute shopping, and MAN the mall was a NUTHOUSE!! Not 10 minutes into my shopping extravaganza I liked to cussed, fussed, and slapped this woman right in the face! Yall know me, I don’t tolerate foolishness, but today being only 2 days away from Christmas, I decided to go easy on her, and politely told her that the next time she decided to act like I wasn’t looking through the same rack as she was and not say “excuse me” it was going to be ME and HER!!!

Anyway, enough of my mall stories of violence (lmao), back to Fashion Friday… Today i just simply wanted to show you what I wore on my near going to jail cause I WHOOPED dat rude woman’s behind incident.

Details of the outfit are listed below, but I am proud to say my entire outfit, including boots and accessories cost me less then $100.00 total… How is that for bargaining? 🙂

Long sleeve sweater (thrifted – $2.50@ B&R Thrift Sandy Springs), Sweater Vest ($9.99@ clearance rack – Bebe), Leopard belt ( $.99 @ thrifted B&R Thrift Sandy Springs), Skinny Jeans ($9.99 old), Brown Boots ($29.99 @ clearance rack – DSW), jewelry (FREE/$2.99 assorted gift/clearance), Sunglasses ($40.00 @ clearance – Coach)

What you think?

Happy last minute shopping…

NiCole XOXOxoxo

P.S. For those of you in or near the ATL… You just gotta check out B&R Thrift, this place is GREAT!!! And Ladies clothing is 50% off on Thursdays.

Love me…Love me not. Chivalry is NOT dead!!

Hey Beauties! So… My husband and I went out to get something to eat last week and as we were leaving the restaurant, I watched a couple (they were obviosly an item) as they left out of the restaurant. The guy walked out the door first before his lady, and to my surprise let the door close right in her face! I said to myself (just like Cedric the Entertainer did in Kings of Comedy) “I wish a MF would close the door in MY face!” Needless to say, she acted as though it was nothing out of the norm to dang near have to kiss the glass of this door simply because her man had no manners enough to hold rt open for her.

It got me to thinking…Are we really in times where this is ok? Have we as a people subconciously decided that chilvalry is a thing of the past, that it is dead? Not in MY book people! And thankfully not in my husband’s either…not only does he have the manners and graciousness to treat all women with respect and courtesy, but he has and is instilling this in our 9 year old son.

What happen to the “old” days? When a man opening the door, or pulling out your seat, or gave you his coat on a cold day was norm?

It is time to celebrate those men that still have it… who have made a concious decision that chivalry is NOT dead.


Deal of the Week…stud earrings

Hey Beauties….Hope you are all ready for Christmas (I said Christmas Ma, not “holiday”), or at least getting there. Today, I am putting a little twist on the Deal of the Week…I would like to show you another one of my passions…DIY. I am truly one of those people that believes why pay for something you can do yourself?

So…In preparation for the holiday and the fabulous outfits that I am sure you will be wearing, i thought I would show you a DIY easy way to accessorize those gorgeous looks with a pair of beautiful stud earrings.

All you will need is the following: bead of choice, studs with backings, and E-6000 glue (love this stuff).

Simply glue your bead of choice to the stud, let sit for 5-10 minutes, and voila…. you have a new addition to your accessory collection.



P.S. There is a bonus ladies… I will be giving these away to two lucky readers. All you have to do to enter is do one (or all) of the following:

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The deadline for entries is Chistmas (12/25/11)

Good Luck!

Food for Thought… Crabby Pattie

Hey Beauties! Happy Monday! I know, I know…what is so happy about it? lol.

Well, I wanted to talk about something that I have been talking quite a bit about lately. It is the “crab syndrome”, the constant pulling and dragging down of others who are on their way to the top, or at least trying. It is so sad that we as a people cannot come together and help each other achieve our goals, support each other in pursuing our dreams, or just being happy for one another.

Why is it that when you are doing well, or happy, or just look and feel good, that those “crabs” out there either look you up down, roll their eyes at you, talk smack about you, orjust simply hate on you? Is it wrong to expect that we as a people should come together instead of tear each other apart persay? I can only say that 2012 needs to be totally different. I am starting a movement of encouragement, inspiration, support, and empowerment, and I hope each of you will join me. Put to rest this crab syndrome once and for all.

Will you join me?


Fashion Friday…my favorite fashion word…FREE!!!

So Beauties, I know that it is Sunday and I missed Fashion Friday by two days, but I have had an insanely busy weekend with photo shoots. For those of you that do not know, I am a photographer. I have really been blessed since I started to pursue my passion, and recently it has really taken off (probably due to the holidays), hence…my missing to post the Fashion Friday post.

This week’s Fashion Friday is a result of one of my photography gigs. I was asked to attend and shoot at an Atlanta bloggers holiday party (which I mentioned earlier this week) hosted by Eboni,The Fashionista Next Door on Wednesday evening. I will touch more on the party later, but now I just have to show you what I got as part of the goodie bag (man do i love goodie bags…ooooowwwwweeeee!).

In my goodie bag was an awesome pair of boots compliments of Sole Society ( When I saw them, it was like I just heard that infamous angel sound (ahhhhh!!!!). You know what I am talking about, dontcha? lol. These beauties were one of 5 different pairs of shoes to choose from and I am so glad I chose these.

Don’t you love em? I got them and just had to wear them the very next day. Now, these babies have a bit higher heel then I am used to, but oh girl, do I feel sexy in them!

Whatchu think? (forgive the slight blur in the photo… was in a hurry)

And… Surprise Surprise, they also come in BLACK!

Have a nice evening and an even better week.


Deal of the Week… party time.

Hey Beauties…This week’s deal of the week is actually an oldie goldie…

a cute little party dress that I got from Charlotte Russe, right before New Years Eve last year. I never actually had anywhere to wear the dress until I was asked to attend a holiday parrty hosted by Eboni Ife (The Fashionista Next Door) and Sole Society, the hottest shoe club out there. Thanks for the invite girly!

Now, the best thing about this dress, besides that it has my favorite color (red) is the price! This is one of my favorite finds, because this dress cost me all of $3.21!!! It was just too good to pass up.

So, I threw my little black blazer over it, accessorized it (thanks to my girl Stephanie), threw on my fave boots, and VOILA! What you think?

NiCole xoxoxo