Food for Thought…first impressions

Hey Beauties! I recently had a conversation about initial perceptions, otherwise know as the “first impression”. I have heard some crazy stories about what some people do to make a lasting first impression. Some get all dolled up, some tell jokes, others have a killer hand shake.

So… what do you do to make a lasting impression? Tell me all about it.



2 thoughts on “Food for Thought…first impressions

  1. As you very well know…..if I am embarking on a trip to Town Center Mall, I have to be dressed to the nines. For the most part, I do get dressed up, and appearance is important but I think a smile or a nice Hello works in my favor. I don’t do well joking telling but I can wear a mean cheeto or two….hahahahaha….

  2. I think I would have to say it depends on the circumstance. If its a job interview, Id dress the part, know some background info on the potential employer….ie do my homework. Outside of that, I cant say Id do much else honestly. While you never get a second chance to make a first impression, being yourself has to be the absolute best. Trying too hard definitely shows through.

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