Love me…Love me not…Xmas Spirit

Hey beauties! Hope you all had a great day… I want to start by apologizing for sharing Monday’s post on Facebook several times last night. My laptop was acting up…

In the spirit of Christmas coming up in 19 days (and counting), this weeks “Love me…Love me not” is about gift giving. What is the best and worst gift you have ever received from a significant other? Ok, so my best gift was….a Winnie the Pooh cake, Now this was not for Xmas, but my 25th birthday. Kierre (my husband) surprised me with a beautiful Pooh cake and I absolutely loved it!!! I knew that he put thought into it and knew his lady loves (always has) Winnie the Pooh. Sorry, I know I am so corny, but it is the little things in life that make me happy. My worst gift was…well… I have sat here (playing words with friends with Tam…lol) for like 20 minutes, and I simply cannot think of anything. I feel real blessed to be able to say that. 🙂

One last question: Are giftcards acceptable gifts from your boyfriend, fiance’, husband, girlfriend, or wife?




6 thoughts on “Love me…Love me not…Xmas Spirit

  1. Hey dere folks! Hmmmm….the best gift I got…well I actually have 2. The 1st was in 2009, when I got to spend Christmas w/ my best friend n her husband in GA, exchanging gifts. Just being loved and appreciated (tear) The 2nd was a red Coach bag 4rm my ex. He wanted me to get out of my blacks, browns and dark colors. The purse is still in the back it came in…lol. mayb I will buy something to wear it w/ this yr 🙂 And no a gift card is not an acceptable gift. U give co-workers gift card. GTHOH

  2. Okay……….this sounds very corny but the VERY best gift I ever received was from up above & that is the birth of my 2 children. I have the best of both worlds by having a son & a daughter. They continue to bring me joy & happiness that no material thing could ever !!
    The second best gift came out of prayer as I not only got one, but I got 2 amazing great danes that, even though they drive me nuts, are the sunshine in my day.
    The material gift that means the most to me came from my Mother & that is the wedding ring that my father gave to her, priceless. I also love anything COACH that my daughter spoils me with.
    The worst gift came from my step grandmother back in the day. Every year I could count on an outdated pair of p.j.’s, slippers & let’s not forget…..a shower cap !! rofl now but then it was very hard to smile & say ” thank you.”

  3. I was so in the moment, I forgot about the gift card.
    I have mixed feelings about them. One could say it is so tacky to give them but what do you do when you are given a gift you don’t like? While gift card giving is a no brainer, giving a gift card along with a small gift isn’t that tacky.
    I recently received a very nice gift & a gift card from someone for my birthday & while I loved the gift, I also loved the thought of going & picking something else out that I needed. So they both work together hand in hand.
    If that person is hard to buy for, I don’t see anything wrong with giving flowers, & a card with the gift card inside. There are so many gcards out there now that you can be creative in that sense. Especially gasoline cards….but again, it depends on the individual.

    • You made me cry this morning woman… It never fails that you always show Joe and I how you love us, and that is the greatest gift anyone could ever receive. Love you Ma…Xoxoxoxo

  4. I would have to say the best gift I received was my Ipod. Id been complaining to my then husband about how certain individuals in the office were annoying me constantly. A couple weeks later, I opened my trunk and there it was just sitting there. That was a great one! Now the worst, I cant say it was the worst; it just wasnt what Id wanted and I was disappointed lol. It was a Kenneth Cole peacoat, and Lord forgive me…but I returned it. (I know Cole, its my turn… Im going)

    As for gift cards, Im undecided, its almost as if it takes no thought to complete the purchase. Where is the creativity? Now, if its in addition to other gifts; perhaps.

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