Fashion Friday…Color Skinny Jeans

Hey Beauties! Its Fashion Friday!!!

As promised (although one week late) today’s Fashion Friday is all about the color skinny jean. Whether they are blue, red (shout out MV), hot pink, or just black or white, or grey, you can dress them up or keep em casual.

Skinny Jeans in various colors can be found at Marshmellow White (Ma, I know you will like them), Grey, Saucy Red (for you MV), Dark Wash (Kia’s pick), Black, (Empress’s gotta have), and Ruby for only $34.94.

Now, thanks to my girl Shari, I was given a hot pink pair that I just cannot get enough of. Oh and btw, this shirt was only $5.00 (Charlotte Russe)…wait til you see the back…show you that another time.

What you think?

Smooches!!! Have a great weekend!

NiCole xoxox


7 thoughts on “Fashion Friday…Color Skinny Jeans

  1. Love them!!! I have several pairs. Not too many bright colors, but Id like a blue pair. They make my backside look amazing….lol.

  2. I have not ventured out in other colors outside of blue. I lied, I have a brown & blk pair. Guess it’s time for getting out of the box & go white, red, & maybe yelllow. 😉

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