Deal of the Week… party time.

Hey Beauties…This week’s deal of the week is actually an oldie goldie…

a cute little party dress that I got from Charlotte Russe, right before New Years Eve last year. I never actually had anywhere to wear the dress until I was asked to attend a holiday parrty hosted by Eboni Ife (The Fashionista Next Door) and Sole Society, the hottest shoe club out there. Thanks for the invite girly!

Now, the best thing about this dress, besides that it has my favorite color (red) is the price! This is one of my favorite finds, because this dress cost me all of $3.21!!! It was just too good to pass up.

So, I threw my little black blazer over it, accessorized it (thanks to my girl Stephanie), threw on my fave boots, and VOILA! What you think?

NiCole xoxoxo


4 thoughts on “Deal of the Week… party time.

  1. I love going shopping with you because you find the rediculous sales.
    You look like a fashionista yourself.
    I like, I like !! But does your Mother count?,.,.,.lol

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