Fashion Friday…my favorite fashion word…FREE!!!

So Beauties, I know that it is Sunday and I missed Fashion Friday by two days, but I have had an insanely busy weekend with photo shoots. For those of you that do not know, I am a photographer. I have really been blessed since I started to pursue my passion, and recently it has really taken off (probably due to the holidays), hence…my missing to post the Fashion Friday post.

This week’s Fashion Friday is a result of one of my photography gigs. I was asked to attend and shoot at an Atlanta bloggers holiday party (which I mentioned earlier this week) hosted by Eboni,The Fashionista Next Door on Wednesday evening. I will touch more on the party later, but now I just have to show you what I got as part of the goodie bag (man do i love goodie bags…ooooowwwwweeeee!).

In my goodie bag was an awesome pair of boots compliments of Sole Society ( When I saw them, it was like I just heard that infamous angel sound (ahhhhh!!!!). You know what I am talking about, dontcha? lol. These beauties were one of 5 different pairs of shoes to choose from and I am so glad I chose these.

Don’t you love em? I got them and just had to wear them the very next day. Now, these babies have a bit higher heel then I am used to, but oh girl, do I feel sexy in them!

Whatchu think? (forgive the slight blur in the photo… was in a hurry)

And… Surprise Surprise, they also come in BLACK!

Have a nice evening and an even better week.



2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday…my favorite fashion word…FREE!!!

  1. NOW….your talking my league as I love ’em 5 inches or higher. Just gotta be careful for those tiny little pebbles that knock you on your backside, or slip & fall….Like I so graciously did at the Atlanta Airport. But did I care,.,.,.hell no !!
    I wouldn’t wear them, but they look great on you.

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