Food for Thought… Crabby Pattie

Hey Beauties! Happy Monday! I know, I know…what is so happy about it? lol.

Well, I wanted to talk about something that I have been talking quite a bit about lately. It is the “crab syndrome”, the constant pulling and dragging down of others who are on their way to the top, or at least trying. It is so sad that we as a people cannot come together and help each other achieve our goals, support each other in pursuing our dreams, or just being happy for one another.

Why is it that when you are doing well, or happy, or just look and feel good, that those “crabs” out there either look you up down, roll their eyes at you, talk smack about you, orjust simply hate on you? Is it wrong to expect that we as a people should come together instead of tear each other apart persay? I can only say that 2012 needs to be totally different. I am starting a movement of encouragement, inspiration, support, and empowerment, and I hope each of you will join me. Put to rest this crab syndrome once and for all.

Will you join me?



2 thoughts on “Food for Thought… Crabby Pattie

  1. Very well said, I agree; however I believe misery will always love company. Continue to do what you are doing, and let the haters hate. Sooner or later they will realize they cant be blessed while casting stones!

  2. DEFINATELY…….food for thought today.

    The mind is an amazing part of our humanity. It controls a lot of who we are, what we see, it is a huge part of what keeps the body healthy, able to move, think, etc….. In saying this it fits in with your question sweetheart.
    Habits, patterns, things that we see & expereince are some of the baggage that we carry around every day of our lives.
    We also are given the ability to make choices. What bobbles my mind is….if you went through a bad experience, you felt the pain from this bad experience, you felt this way or that way in an uncomfortable manner, why then would you do the very same thing to someone else, especially loved ones?
    Jealously & envy continue to grow rapidly in our society due to many things. The lack of hard work, the lack of patience, the lack of wisdom, ( no need for books or even the excuse, my parent didn’t tell me,,.,., b/c we have google & many search engines to show us/help us ) laziness, NOT really getting in tune with yourself & really being honest with YOU !!
    ALso it is easier to hate someone than it is to love them. It is more work, time, energy, patience, compassion, care, & encouragement to love someone & again..,., society continues to grown in hatred than it does love.
    BUT,.,..,love overcomes hatred & for those who are on the right track, who are pressing in, those who know where they are going, those who can encourage & bless others, those who are a pillar & not a stepping stone, those who lift others up, will always succeed in life & WE don’t need recognition from others as GOD recognizes us & THIS is where the real blessings come from.
    I’m so proud of my baby girl, it seems like just yesterday that I was giving birth to you. YOU have blossomed from my fruit in ways that blow my mind & YOU WILL go places that you dream possible b/c you have a heart for others. DREAM NiCole, & DREAM big !!, b/c God isn’t finished with you yet, YOU wil reach millions & you will bless others with your gifts !!
    Your fan club in FLORIDA supports you & loves you more than you will ever imagine. YOU GO GIRL !! Make your Momma PROUD !!!! Love your haters b/c they are only the stepping stones to get you higher in life !!!!!
    ( for those who are complacent, shame on you !! It will NOT take a government to change this country, it WILL take each & every one of us to make the change necessary to make this world a better place for us, our children & their children. )
    Love is contageous, pass it on !!


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