Love me…Love me not. Chivalry is NOT dead!!

Hey Beauties! So… My husband and I went out to get something to eat last week and as we were leaving the restaurant, I watched a couple (they were obviosly an item) as they left out of the restaurant. The guy walked out the door first before his lady, and to my surprise let the door close right in her face! I said to myself (just like Cedric the Entertainer did in Kings of Comedy) “I wish a MF would close the door in MY face!” Needless to say, she acted as though it was nothing out of the norm to dang near have to kiss the glass of this door simply because her man had no manners enough to hold rt open for her.

It got me to thinking…Are we really in times where this is ok? Have we as a people subconciously decided that chilvalry is a thing of the past, that it is dead? Not in MY book people! And thankfully not in my husband’s either…not only does he have the manners and graciousness to treat all women with respect and courtesy, but he has and is instilling this in our 9 year old son.

What happen to the “old” days? When a man opening the door, or pulling out your seat, or gave you his coat on a cold day was norm?

It is time to celebrate those men that still have it… who have made a concious decision that chivalry is NOT dead.



2 thoughts on “Love me…Love me not. Chivalry is NOT dead!!

  1. When women tolerate this kind of behavior, it gives the man the green light to be an azz. ( sorry )
    I will not tolerate it & God bless the man who doesn’t walk beside me, open my door, compliment me, b/c he will get an ear full & a kick to the curb.
    Men need to be put in their place, as does the women.

  2. That’s cause ur man is amazing and knows how to treat all the woman in his life the queens that they are. It’s sad that men these days are not like they use to be, but woman these days put up with stuff that they never had to deal with before our time. Including myself. I’m so very happy for u and always have be proud that u have a man that worships the amazing woman that u are. Love u Kierre. Xoxox

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