Fashion Friday…A day of shopping.

Hey Beauties!!!! Haappppyyyy Friday! TGIF!!! Only one more day til Christmas!! WHOO HOO! Yeah, I know I am crazy…that is just me. So today, I did some last minute shopping, and MAN the mall was a NUTHOUSE!! Not 10 minutes into my shopping extravaganza I liked to cussed, fussed, and slapped this woman right in the face! Yall know me, I don’t tolerate foolishness, but today being only 2 days away from Christmas, I decided to go easy on her, and politely told her that the next time she decided to act like I wasn’t looking through the same rack as she was and not say “excuse me” it was going to be ME and HER!!!

Anyway, enough of my mall stories of violence (lmao), back to Fashion Friday… Today i just simply wanted to show you what I wore on my near going to jail cause I WHOOPED dat rude woman’s behind incident.

Details of the outfit are listed below, but I am proud to say my entire outfit, including boots and accessories cost me less then $100.00 total… How is that for bargaining? 🙂

Long sleeve sweater (thrifted – $2.50@ B&R Thrift Sandy Springs), Sweater Vest ($9.99@ clearance rack – Bebe), Leopard belt ( $.99 @ thrifted B&R Thrift Sandy Springs), Skinny Jeans ($9.99 old), Brown Boots ($29.99 @ clearance rack – DSW), jewelry (FREE/$2.99 assorted gift/clearance), Sunglasses ($40.00 @ clearance – Coach)

What you think?

Happy last minute shopping…

NiCole XOXOxoxo

P.S. For those of you in or near the ATL… You just gotta check out B&R Thrift, this place is GREAT!!! And Ladies clothing is 50% off on Thursdays.


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