Food for Thought…New year…new beginnings.

Hey Beauties! So can you believe that 2011 is “last year”? It still amazes me how time flies by. But now that we are in a brand new year, it is time to think about what you have planned for 2012.

I am super excited about what this year has in store for me.I already feel very blessed from 2011 and am anxious to see how the blessings will unfold this year. I hope to expand my photography (open my own studio), expand my blog and reach new heights in touching lives on a daily basis, and last (but certainly not least), I hope to (and will) experience a great change in my life. “What does that mean?” you say… well, let’s just say something that I have never experienced before will finally happen, I am sure of it.

So, What will you do this year? What are your goals? Will you try something new? Will you step outside the box? Tell me all about it…

Much love and success…

NiCole XOXOxoxo


2 thoughts on “Food for Thought…New year…new beginnings.

  1. Nicole,.,.,. words cannot be expressed as to the level of how PROUD I am to call you daughter. I knew from the moment that I laid eyes on you that you would be great & that everything, everyone you touched would feel your love, passion & energy. Your heart stopped beating & you had to be pulled out with forceps but GOD !!!! and still GOD !!!!! You are a true leader & for those who follow this blog, I hope they will be real like us & speak out. There’s life & death in the power of the tongue & you have the same determination/motivation that I have. I can take a rock & make it sing if I believe so, that’s how much ” umph ” I have inside me.

    It’s no lie, I’m not too fond of working out. I do use the treadmill, but after surgery I would like to strengthen not only my body muscles but more importantly my faith muscles. ” With God alllll & I said allll things are possible.” I often see my circumstance & think nothing will change, but this is what faith is all about.( change my thinking & watch what I think on,.,.grow ) Like in the recent Christmas favorite of mine ” Miracle on 34th Street ” ( in blk/white ) Natalie Wood is dreaming of a house for her & her Momma. She asks Santa for the house, but it’s not under the tree.( a sign ).. She doesn’t see it,.,.,.YET !!.,.,. but her Momma ( & thank goodness for Momma’s wisedom ) tells her that she has to believe, that just b/c you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. And for those who never saw the movie, they drive home by the directions of Santa Claus & she spots the house, they stop, she runs in & they find a cane just like the one Santa used inside the house. It’s bought & they live happily ever after., ( I know that movie like the back of my hand ) Faith is believing in the impossible b/c if you could make everything happen, we wouldn’t need God.
    So…I’m believing for impossible things to happen so that I can share it with others & bless them too.
    I want to move to the house that God has set aside for me, and get my book into production. I want to continue to be the light for others, set examples for single Mothers that,.,.” YES !! you can.,” keep giving back & watch everything grow.
    I want to see my son excell as much, if not more than my baby girl & I want them BOTH to dream, dream big, dream impossible & have the faith that I do too be patient & watch GOD make it come to pass. ( there is a process we all must go thru first, but if you want something great, you cannot bypass the training, amen? )
    I would love to see homelessness & poverty end in America and if I can help in anyway I will !!

    Other than this, there is one thing that is very close to my heart that Nicole & I pray about, but is in God’s hands. Maybe this will be the year, maybe not, but in any event ” she” is still in God’s hands !!

    Let this be our year for V I C T O R Y in all things !! I’m going out with this song, let it be a song sung to God & by God !! : ))

  2. I am wishing for myself new endeavors in my work life as well as my personal life. For the past 2 years Ive been gettin to know myself on a larger scale and Im ready to go all in, whatever that means! If you ask me, Im ready. Going back to school is high on my radar! For you Nicole my new found friend, I wish you an abundance of blessings in all you do and aspire to do!

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