Food for Thought…Having it all.

Hey beauties! I recently watched the movie “The Women” (a great chick flick, I must say…) and Meg Ryan’s character talked about “having it all” in terms of success. She said that she believed we all can have it all, but questioned whether or not she really wanted it because it was in her eyes exhausting and took her away from what mattered the most…her family.

This got me to thinking… I have dreams, aspirations, desires…just like I am sure most of you beauties do, and now… I wonder…what if I was to get “it all”? Would I be able to handle it? enjoy it? Would it be too much? Now, I am not doubting myself or my capabilities, just asking some very valid questions. Questions that I am sure the Oprahs and Tyler Perrys of the world have had to answer on more then one occasion. And how did they answer I wonder?

Do you really “want it all”?

Smooches beauties!

NiCole XOXOxoxo


One thought on “Food for Thought…Having it all.

  1. Hey !! That’s one of my favorite chick flicks !!

    Faith + hope+ love = Foundation

    To me ” having it all ” means you have to have a good foundation to stand on to become great in all things. If you travel to any city & admire the tall, beautiful buildings of said city, you will find that the architect had to dig deep down to fill a foundation for that building to stand.The same applies in life.
    So then the question would be, what is the foundation you stand on about?, and,.,. is it a solid foundation or will it falter?
    I do not ” want it all ” if I’m not ready for it all. I’m content with the process of starting out small & ending up big. I’m vey content with the God that leads/teaches me, and I’m extremely content with just being called Mother.
    Now that my children are grown, I do believe that it’s my time & with God’s help, yes I can have it all. Love is my foundation, hope drives me to where I’m going & faith keeps me grounded. How can I go wrong? The sky is my limit, 2012 is a new, and baby, I’m going to be the blessing I was called to be, so that I can turn around & bless others.

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