Fashion Friday….Accessory Edition

Hey my lovely beauties! It has been a while… I apologize for the somewhat lengthy intermission, but I have been helping my mom recover from surgery. I am in South Florida (I so miss home) and while I always love being here, my visit is bittersweet.

This week’s Fashion Friday is about accessories. While down here (during brief moments of solitude) I was able to pick up some new accessories to add to my collection. Now, usually I show you what I got and then take a picture of how I chose to style and wear what I got, but this week I want to do things a little differently. I am going to show you what I got and tell you where I got them and how much I spent, but I would like for you to tell me how you would style each of the items I got. Deal?…GREAT!

(clockwise) Grey scarf – Jaclyn Smith via Kmart – $4.99 | Gold tone bracelets – rose gold is handmade, yellow gold via Charlotte Russe – $3.99 each | Beige suede heels – BCBG via Macy’s | Rose hat – Albertus Swanepoel via Target – $5.98

Have a wonderful weekend…

XOXOxoxo NiCole


Fashion Friday…purrrrrrrr….

Hey my beautiful people! So…how has 2012 been treating you so far? Well, for me…I have to be completely honest, I am still mentally planning for all that I want to accomplish this year, but am also still also super excited for what 2012 will bring.

Today I want to share with you an awesome find, courtesy of Macy’s. Due to a little inspiration from Eboni of The Fashionista Next Door (since leopard is her absolute fabulous favorite) and because I have been looking for a leopard piece that I could style with multiple looks, what better piece to grab then a jacket. Even better, due to this jacket being on the clearance rack and my having a 20% off coupon…this jacket was a steal!!! Originally priced at $99.00, but after all the markdowns and coupon, I got it for $27.00!!!!! “Yeah baby” (in my Austin Powers voice)

 dress – H&M | leggings – Target | boots – DSW

jacket – Macy’s (INC) | necklace – Payless


NiCole XOXOxoxo

P.S. TGIF… Have a great weekend!

Fashion Friday…A day of shopping.

Hey Beauties!!!! Haappppyyyy Friday! TGIF!!! Only one more day til Christmas!! WHOO HOO! Yeah, I know I am crazy…that is just me. So today, I did some last minute shopping, and MAN the mall was a NUTHOUSE!! Not 10 minutes into my shopping extravaganza I liked to cussed, fussed, and slapped this woman right in the face! Yall know me, I don’t tolerate foolishness, but today being only 2 days away from Christmas, I decided to go easy on her, and politely told her that the next time she decided to act like I wasn’t looking through the same rack as she was and not say “excuse me” it was going to be ME and HER!!!

Anyway, enough of my mall stories of violence (lmao), back to Fashion Friday… Today i just simply wanted to show you what I wore on my near going to jail cause I WHOOPED dat rude woman’s behind incident.

Details of the outfit are listed below, but I am proud to say my entire outfit, including boots and accessories cost me less then $100.00 total… How is that for bargaining? 🙂

Long sleeve sweater (thrifted – $2.50@ B&R Thrift Sandy Springs), Sweater Vest ($9.99@ clearance rack – Bebe), Leopard belt ( $.99 @ thrifted B&R Thrift Sandy Springs), Skinny Jeans ($9.99 old), Brown Boots ($29.99 @ clearance rack – DSW), jewelry (FREE/$2.99 assorted gift/clearance), Sunglasses ($40.00 @ clearance – Coach)

What you think?

Happy last minute shopping…

NiCole XOXOxoxo

P.S. For those of you in or near the ATL… You just gotta check out B&R Thrift, this place is GREAT!!! And Ladies clothing is 50% off on Thursdays.

Fashion Friday…my favorite fashion word…FREE!!!

So Beauties, I know that it is Sunday and I missed Fashion Friday by two days, but I have had an insanely busy weekend with photo shoots. For those of you that do not know, I am a photographer. I have really been blessed since I started to pursue my passion, and recently it has really taken off (probably due to the holidays), hence…my missing to post the Fashion Friday post.

This week’s Fashion Friday is a result of one of my photography gigs. I was asked to attend and shoot at an Atlanta bloggers holiday party (which I mentioned earlier this week) hosted by Eboni,The Fashionista Next Door on Wednesday evening. I will touch more on the party later, but now I just have to show you what I got as part of the goodie bag (man do i love goodie bags…ooooowwwwweeeee!).

In my goodie bag was an awesome pair of boots compliments of Sole Society ( When I saw them, it was like I just heard that infamous angel sound (ahhhhh!!!!). You know what I am talking about, dontcha? lol. These beauties were one of 5 different pairs of shoes to choose from and I am so glad I chose these.

Don’t you love em? I got them and just had to wear them the very next day. Now, these babies have a bit higher heel then I am used to, but oh girl, do I feel sexy in them!

Whatchu think? (forgive the slight blur in the photo… was in a hurry)

And… Surprise Surprise, they also come in BLACK!

Have a nice evening and an even better week.


Fashion Friday…Color Skinny Jeans

Hey Beauties! Its Fashion Friday!!!

As promised (although one week late) today’s Fashion Friday is all about the color skinny jean. Whether they are blue, red (shout out MV), hot pink, or just black or white, or grey, you can dress them up or keep em casual.

Skinny Jeans in various colors can be found at Marshmellow White (Ma, I know you will like them), Grey, Saucy Red (for you MV), Dark Wash (Kia’s pick), Black, (Empress’s gotta have), and Ruby for only $34.94.

Now, thanks to my girl Shari, I was given a hot pink pair that I just cannot get enough of. Oh and btw, this shirt was only $5.00 (Charlotte Russe)…wait til you see the back…show you that another time.

What you think?

Smooches!!! Have a great weekend!

NiCole xoxox

Fashion Friday…6 ways to tie a scarf

Hey beautiful people!

Its Fashion Friday!!!!! Each Friday I will be posting about fashion; giving you the latest fashion styles, tips, how-to’s, do’s and don’ts and ideas.

Scarves oh scarves, how do I love thee? I just cannot get enough scarves, but…(yes there is a but) for the life of me, I just cannot tie them other than in that same old boring knot that is just so old and played out. I don’t believe I am the only one stuck in the “scarf tieing rut” so today’s Fashion Friday is about scarves and….(drumroll please) HOW TO TIE THEM!!!! I found this guide on Coldwater Creek…. have at it folks! Let me know if it helped you as much as it helped me, and send in pics of you wearing your favorite scarf style.