Love me…Love me not. Chivalry is NOT dead!!

Hey Beauties! So… My husband and I went out to get something to eat last week and as we were leaving the restaurant, I watched a couple (they were obviosly an item) as they left out of the restaurant. The guy walked out the door first before his lady, and to my surprise let the door close right in her face! I said to myself (just like Cedric the Entertainer did in Kings of Comedy) “I wish a MF would close the door in MY face!” Needless to say, she acted as though it was nothing out of the norm to dang near have to kiss the glass of this door simply because her man had no manners enough to hold rt open for her.

It got me to thinking…Are we really in times where this is ok? Have we as a people subconciously decided that chilvalry is a thing of the past, that it is dead? Not in MY book people! And thankfully not in my husband’s either…not only does he have the manners and graciousness to treat all women with respect and courtesy, but he has and is instilling this in our 9 year old son.

What happen to the “old” days? When a man opening the door, or pulling out your seat, or gave you his coat on a cold day was norm?

It is time to celebrate those men that still have it… who have made a concious decision that chivalry is NOT dead.



Love me…Love me not…Xmas Spirit

Hey beauties! Hope you all had a great day… I want to start by apologizing for sharing Monday’s post on Facebook several times last night. My laptop was acting up…

In the spirit of Christmas coming up in 19 days (and counting), this weeks “Love me…Love me not” is about gift giving. What is the best and worst gift you have ever received from a significant other? Ok, so my best gift was….a Winnie the Pooh cake, Now this was not for Xmas, but my 25th birthday. Kierre (my husband) surprised me with a beautiful Pooh cake and I absolutely loved it!!! I knew that he put thought into it and knew his lady loves (always has) Winnie the Pooh. Sorry, I know I am so corny, but it is the little things in life that make me happy. My worst gift was…well… I have sat here (playing words with friends with Tam…lol) for like 20 minutes, and I simply cannot think of anything. I feel real blessed to be able to say that. 🙂

One last question: Are giftcards acceptable gifts from your boyfriend, fiance’, husband, girlfriend, or wife?



Love me…Love me not… 11/30/11

Hey Beauties!

This is my first “Love me…Love me not” posting, so let me make a proper introduction: Readers, this is Love me…Love me not, Love me…Love me not, these are my readers. Lol…sorry I just couldn’t resist.

Love me…Love me not will be Wednesdays’ discussion about love and relationships. Discussing relationship issues, tips of romance, and expressions of love.

Today I want to talk about the “love template”. We all have a template for the ideal or perfect soul mate buried somewhere in our minds, that which decides which person in that crowded room catches our eye, keeps our attention, and grasps our hearts. I believe that this template is formed from certain standards and hierarchies that we have set for not only ourselves but for those we choose to be with. I have told the story of how I first met my husband and now having found a better understanding of love and my love template, I know that he is the vision of perfection for me. So, what is your love template? Tell me what kind of person will make the ideal or perfect soul mate for you?

Much Love…XOXOXO


P.S. Found the one to fit that love template? Try your love luck with the Love Calculator and see if he/she is right for you…